Catching Up With Julian

Nathan is back, along with his cousin Julian, whom I’ve not seen in years. So I brought him on to catch up and discuss a few topics. I’ve worked with Julian before on a film project he did back in college, he’s a writer, rapper, and overall cool dude.  Recently he got married, and is working to save up to buy a place for him and his wife, and he’s only twenty-two years old, that’s two years younger than me. And for that, I have an immense amount of respect for him. But I also wanted a behind the scene scoop on what it’s like to be married that young, the struggles, and the perks. But before we get to that part, Julian and for whatever reason, most people who listen to the podcast, want to know why I wouldn’t let anyone put their finger up my butt… and also, Nathan has a theory that eating boogers is healthy.

Come join the conversation, you might laugh, cringe, maybe even cry, who knows!

Catching Up With Julian

Check out Julian’s EP

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